Beautiful skin

Skin health is such a passion of mine. When your skin is bad it can feel overwhelming. With the superior, award winning skin care range DERMALOGICA and the personalised skin mapping technique find out how to improve your skin condition and get advise on the right products for your skin, with free samples available with every facial.


Before I became a beauty therapist I was a client and I always felt the need to fill the silence. When you come and have a relaxing treatment at LilyAsh, I will encourage you to breath and relax giving you permission to just be.

Beautiful fingers & toes

Isn’t it lovely to be able to expose your fingers and toes! When they’re colourful, glossy and bright, you feel beautiful.  If you’ve never experienced the relaxation of having your hands and or feet massaged, I encourage you to try.

Jessica is a lovely professional nail polish range, which can be removed with any nail polish remover. Shellac is a lacquer that cures under a UV light.  To remove it must be soaked off, its is not at all damaging to your nails. The benefits are it’s practically chip free, stays glossy, shiny like new and gives strength to the natural nails.

Beautiful eyes

Now this is my speciality. If you haven’t had a LilyAsh eyebrow shape before, then be prepared to have your life changed.  It’s called the instant eye lift because it can dramatically open your eyes up and give beautiful definition.

Eyelash extensions are so in right now, they can look dramatic or naturally thick, whichever you prefer.  Or try the eyelash perm to give your natural last a fantastic curl worthy of the best mascara and lasts up to 10 weeks.

Smooth hair free skin

I use the best aromatherapy based wax, which calms and protects the skin for waxing.  My wax system allows me to apply the thinnest layer to the skin for the least painful removal.


For the past ten years I have treated many teenagers, some of which are now adults and still coming.

I decided to make the prices cheaper because it’s often a need rather than a luxury at that age and they don’t exactly have the ability to earn a lot.

Skin health is such a big part of a teenager’s life, I recommend every teenager to have just one facial so I can advise and teach them what to do and what not to do!